People are natural problem-solvers. Our success as a species is largely down to our ability to notice, to understand and to adapt to the constant changes in our world. When we can undergo this process as a group, the effects are greatly magnified.
Using the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method, teams can approach issues in a new way, giving their thoughts and ideas physical form that are easily shared, understood and reflected upon.

The LSP method is extremely versatile and can lend itself to a variety of topics: 

Smaller Groups

5-20 people

These workshops are for teams facing a very complex challenge or set of challenges. Often for leadership or project teams to tackle issues in depth, make effective decisions at speed and develop shared and lasting understanding and commitment.


At Manchester Business School’s Shanghai campus, we worked with the MBA alumni with an HR specialism. By involving participants from a range of industries including automotive, pharmaceutical and F&B, we were able to identify some of the upcoming trends affecting the HR sector. By creating a ‘landscape’ of these trends we uncovered the ‘macro-tends’ that we were then able to build and share responses to.


The Condé Nast Center of Fashion & Design is blazing a trail in Shanghai, offering world-class courses in everything fashion; from photography to branding, from visual merchandising to media and communications. An innovative team, we helped them build a more complete picture of the ecosystem in which the business exists, how it reacts to specific change and gave form to the guiding principles that shape the team’s decision making.



Bigger groups

20-200 people

Often as part of a larger event we offer a range of workshops aimed at improving relationships, empathy and communication, fostering creative problem solving and challenging habitual thinking.


We worked with Danone to bring together the Marketing team and the Healthcare & Nutrition team as part of their annual team development event. The group tackled sensitive questions about their collaboration with ease, playing together to identify challenges and find new perspectives and solutions.  



As part of Unilever’s Learning Week, we helped the R&D team to explore imagination, the different types and how to use it productively. Combining elements of ‘Design Thinking’ with LSP we delivered a fun and insightful workshop to this young and dynamic team.